Your right to vote…

Your right to vote…

People that know me well enough will know that I do participate in a bit of politics. Well, I am vocal about who I support: Vote DA. However, this article isn’t about me getting you to vote for a particular party. It’s about me getting you to vote. Period.

It surprises me the apathy that is being displayed amongst the ‘younger’ people of our nation, especially the born frees. (That’s if you were born after apartheid ended, then you were born free, into a democratic society). Born frees should be joyous and over whelmed at the fact that they are old enough to vote, and that they are the first of the born frees to vote. That’s something that I would love to tell my children one day. For many years certain races weren’t allowed to vote!

When I turned 18, I couldn’t wait to vote. And as luck would have it, I turned 18 when the entire country was changing. A time when most of the country that was eligible to vote (at that time, only whites), we voted for a free and democratic South Africa. Now 20 years later, I still take that vote very seriously, even more so now that I have a son. And it’s not my intention to leave SA anytime soon, so I need to make life better here, and protect it best I can with my vote.

What amazes me is the youth are to thick to realise that they’re unemployed, uneducated etc, because they don’t use their votes. No, it doesn’t amaze me, it actually frightens me. When I speak to my friends and colleagues about voting, I am told that they won’t vote, because the ANC is a bunch of crooks, the EFF is just plain insane, and they’re afraid that the DA will bring back apartheid. Are you listening to what you’re saying? If you’re afraid of the above, vote for someone else! There are plenty of other parties to vote for.

Here’s how it works. If there are 20 million people that can vote, 10 million vote ANC, 5 million vote DA, and the other 5 million don’t vote, the ANC and DA still have power. The ANC would have two thirds majority and would be able to make any decisions without having to go through due diligence, and the DA would still be there to try and fight the ANC as the opposition party, with only one third. But if you had to vote for another party, one whom you think will make a proper change in the country, then the power gets shifted, and the crooks won’t be able to steal so much, and the DA will definitely not be able to bring apartheid back. (I need to emphasize that DA will NOT bring apartheid back). That would mean the ANC would only have half of the votes, with the other divided between all the other parties, and we’ll have a truly democratic country. Does this make sense to you now?

So, in closing, if you registered to vote, please go and vote on the 7th of May 2014. It’s your right, it’s your duty, it’s your country. And if you’re still unclear: Vote DA.



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