To Forgive or Not To Forgive?

To Forgive or Not To Forgive?

To Forgive or Not To Forgive?

Interesting question right? But yet a question that’s a hard pill to swallow. As society has taught us, we don’t have a need for forgiveness. We just simply right the wrong with punishment. Do something wrong, go to jail. Get caught, get a fine. Yes, these examples are more about law, but it has conditioned us to put forgiveness aside and rather punish.

The problem lies herein: how do you feel after the punishment? Do you feel better? The answer is NO. Forgiveness can’t be obtained through a society process. It needs to come from within. Before I tell you how to forgive, let’s first work on why you should forgive.

Why you should forgive:

Not forgiving someone causes you to hold a grudge against that person. A grudge requires energy, and that energy is negative energy. This negative energy causes you to have to work double hard at keeping up this grudge, and creates a vicious cycle of bad feelings. Trust me, it’s takes more energy to not forgive someone than if you would forgive.

Don’t Be A Victim

Not forgiving someone allows you to become a victim. No-one is born a victim, you need to actually play a role of a victim. And once you start playing that role, all other events that comes along with being a victim starts to play out. And this my friend is what starts causing more misery in your life.

I am not saying forgive and forget. You must remember what happened, or else you won’t learn. I am saying that you should forgive. Sincerely forgive.

How to forgive:

Most folks will say it’s too hard to forgive. But think about it this way; who is really the victim when you hold a grudge against a person? Who is being constantly harmed – every day? You. The person who did wrong against has forgotten about what they’ve done. It’s over and in the past, but you still live that bad event everyday. Does it makes sense now?

If you are willing to forgive, it’s almost as easy as breathing air. You need to relinquish your personal judgment of the person or thing that’s upsetting you. Set it free. Let go it and all it’s bad energy. Don’t hold on to the past. Thank God for what you still have and hold onto those positive thoughts. Work on those positive thoughts, realise them, and use those positive thoughts to let go of the bad thoughts. In fact, when you forgive someone, it’ll leave a natural void (of emotions), and that is where you place those positive thoughts. Fill it up to the brim and bask in it. And forgive completely.

It takes practice, but the end result is gratifying. It’ll open your heart, heal you on the inside, and let you move forward.

Good luck – and forgive.


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  1. Lize - May 29, 2014

    Thanks for reminding me what’s really important. Timing of this post was spot on. If we can’t forgive how can we expect to be forgiven….looking forward to your next post. Love the site

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