Rocktober – Dreams Do Come True Part II

Rocktober – Dreams Do Come True Part II

Wow! What an amazing roller coaster ride Rocktober has been! In a previous article I spoke about dreams coming true for me (Rocktober – Dreams Do Come True) and today I am proud to add more good news to that article.

As this is my first broadway show, there were a few things that I had to learn – quickly:

  • Working with a team.
  • Working with new people and other personalities.
  • Stage etiquette.
  • Stage slang.
  • How to change quickly and still sing behind the stage.
  • How to not let a small mistake in the show upset the entire evening.
  • How to think quick on my feet.
  • How not to make mistakes!
  • How to be consistent.

Then comes the second part – singing in pubs and clubs and rock festivals is totally different – if someone doesn’t like you or your band, there are always 1000 other drunk people who do. In a stage show you’ve got to put your best foot forward, as a team, and the press is invited. And they’re not always going to be nice. So you can imagine how grateful and surprised I was to see an awesome review in the Cape Times from one of Cape Town’s top critics – Steyn du Toit. du Toit wrote on honest review, and even made some suggestions towards my part of the show, which I appreciate and have incorporated in the show, to make it even better experience for the audience.

All in all, as this is my first stage production, it’s a nice feeling to have a nice review written about the show – and another dream come true. I am sure if I continue to do stage productions there might be bad reviews, or seriously critical reviews, but we must take each thing in life with a pinch salt – BUT it didn’t happen this time, and for that I am grateful and humbled.

I also want to say congratulations to my band mates and fellow vocalists – sterling job and review.

Never give up on your dreams. Set backs are part of chasing dreams, it’s the actual focus that you require to achieve those dreams that will make the difference and grow you as a person – good luck!

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