I was right – It was a party!

I was right – It was a party!


So it was Freedom Day here in South Africa, 27 April 2014, 20 years later and we’re still partying. How it works: if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, you get the Monday off. Cool huh? Well at least the people of Blouberg thought so. They took full advantage of the extra day off, plus pay day on the Friday.

Doodles was packed, as predicted, and I jumped at the opportunity to rock the stage (and if you check the photo’s I rocked the dance floor myself). I meticulously planned each and every song to make sure that when I dropped it, I got a response from the audience. I get goosebumps during those moments. When people just go “Yeah!” or just scream for a song they dig, then I get to perform it.

My little Robbie Williams moment. I always compare any seconds or minutes of fame with Robbie Williams, because we’re the same age. And if only my mother didn’t come back to South Africa when I was 5, I might have been in Take That. I don’t blame my mom, but there was always that chance huh… ha ha ha.

Anyway, thank you to the everyone who came out to rock Doodles. If was a real pleasure to entertain you, but it was even more of a pleasure having a great audience.

Till the next one!


Pictures courtesy of Stacey Robertson

Doodles Doodles Doodles Doodles Doodles Doodles Doodles


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