Great news. New book on the way!

Great news. New book on the way!




I’ve just started writing a book. It’s going to be an inspirational book which I hope people will enjoy and use in their everyday lives. I was inspired by a book that my mother gave me! I got this book in 2009 and put it down. Then in 2012 I picked it up, sat on the toilet (where I read all my stuff), and I actually enjoyed it. It was short and sweet, but it was enough to actually change the way I think. That got me thinking. Being in the radio industry for 16 years, I’ve changed certain peoples habits and thoughts with what I’ve broadcasted.

I met a listening who told me that her grandmother had just died, and she felt really depressed. She happened to be listening to my show, and something that I said made her feel at ease, and helped her through her mourning process. It’s highly unlikely that I was talking about death per say, but I did say SOMETHING that changed this listener’s feelings and thoughts, and helped her heal – quicker.

So I am both excited and feeling a little scared and challenged with this book, as some people might think it totally sucks, or – as I would hope it would, it might actually change a person’s life. You might be asking why am I telling you this? Well, I also did some research into writing books, and some advice that I read from a guy called Vic Johnson, he suggests that a first time author should make it public – put it ‘out there’ – so that the pressure is on to finish the book, and probably quickly at that.

So here is my public announcement. What this space for details. No sweat. No pressure. Well…  A little :)

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